European Gold

European Gold Indoor Tanning Lotions

     European Gold is a line of affordable indoor tanning lotions that are safe to use in all UV tanning beds. Designed to provide you with one of the finest tanning experiences these high quality lotions will leave you with deep, dark results. These lotions are made in the U.S.A. with only the finest ingredients and botanical's to keep you with the darkest color and youthful, supple skin.  

Dark Star 100X


Available in 13.5 oz and 8.5 oz bottles!!!

Dark Star 60X

Embrace a new darkness. Be a star. This 60x bronzer uses European Gold’s latest DeepWave™ & EverDark™ tanning for epic & lasting tanning results, with sublime amounts of super-soft silicones for endlessly golden color with irresistibly touchable skin.

  • ​60X Black Bronzer
  • Deep Wave Bronzing Technology
  • Ever Dark Color-last

Available in 13.5 oz. and 8.5 oz !

Raspberry Creme

Tempt your senses with a delectable raspberry fragrance, super soft skin and an absolutely gorgeous bronze glow. Deep, dark bronzers for flawless and even color. 
  • Level 7 Bronzing Lotion
  • Super soft silicones
  • Ultra skin firming
  • Hemp extract
  • Raspberry extract

25X Bronzing Tanning Lotion

Experience a dark shade of bronze and ultra skin firmness with European Gold 25X Tanning Lotion. For indoor or tanning bed use, European Gold Tanning Lotion features an exotic blend of special bronzing ingredients to help achieve the darkest of tans. The Hemp seed oil in European Gold 25X Tanning Lotion will nourish your skin while also moisturizing it. The super-soft skin firming silicone in European Gold Tanning Lotion is designed to tighten and tone your skin while enhancing your golden glow. Enjoy a rich, dark tan with the European Gold 25X Tanning Lotion.

European Gold 25x Bronzer

LA Tan Sunless Mousse Dark Black Bronzing

Achieve a flawless, gorgeous tan worthy of the sun goddess you are! LA Tan Sunless Mousse is a brilliantly easy sunless mousse that's self-tanning perfection with decadent cosmetic black bronzers for an instant streak-free and natural-looking bronze. LA Tan's dark recipe utilizes an advanced formula for quick-drying and ultra long-lasting color that deepens in hours.

LA Tan Luxury Tan Extending Moisturizer

Maximize the length & depth of your tan. A kiss of sunless complex flawlessly complements your color while deep skin conditioners moisturize and soften skin, allowing your perfect bronze to last every bit as you want it to. 

Moist Hemp Spray-On Body Moisturizer

It's nature's most serious form of moisturizing. THC drug-free Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil quenches and naturally revives dry skin for vibrancy, softness, and rejuvenation. Be good to your skin!

Moist Hemp Argan for Dry Skin Spray-On Moisturizer

It's nature's most serious form of moisturizing. THC drug-free Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil & exotic Argan Oil quench and naturally revive dry skin for vibrancy, softness, and rejuventation. Be good to your skin!

Malibu Tan Cucumber Jasmine Hemp Body Moisturizer

Bliss in a bottle -- exotic, sensuous, sublime. Release yourself into the calm and cool escape of rich moisturizing with a cucumber and jasmine fragrance. Hemp seed oil is nature's finest form of skin hydration, leaving your body feeling wonderfully soft and looking beautifully vibrant.

Malibu Tan Argan Oil Hemp Body Moisturizer

Bliss in a bottle- exotic, sensuous, sublime. Argan Oil is one of the world's rarest and most beneficial extracts. This remarkable oil is abundant with nutritive elements and antioxidants which bless skin with a youthful tone while hydrating for a rare softness and healthy-looking glow.