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Hawaiin Breeze

• Tropical Trio Macadamia, Grape Seed & Almond Oils create a lightweight, nongreasy lotion that fights dry skin and inflammation

• Natural Bronzers waft over DHA to create golden island colored perfection

• Nutrient Rich botanicals fight aging for developing a young appearing presence

• A Silicone wave cascades over you for silky smooth application

Juicy Fruit

• Strawberry Extract for Blemish free, skin conditioning

• Exotic Oils moisturize skin and promote dark tanning acceleration

• Enhancing Bronzers for a new level of Long Lasting dark color that gives a sweet golden finish

50 Shades

          B-Black 50XXX Erotic Bronzers

          D-DHA Bronzers for long lasting Color

          S-Silicone Emulsion for a Silky, Smooth Silhouette

          M-Moisturizing Skin Conditioners


Absolute Black

50X Quantum Bronzers- Provide dark natural tanning without streaking or staining

CoQ10 Complex- provides anti-aging and skin rejuvenation for youthful looking appearance

Silicone Emulsion- Leaves skin feeling silky, soft and healthy looking

Caffeine- strong anti-oxidant that helps prevent damage from ultra violet rays

Black Magic

Silicone Emulsion-Easy application and leaves skin Silky,Soft

Protovanol- Accelerates tanning for Super Dark Results

BioTanning Complex- Dark bronzers  that do not streak or stain for remarkable bronze color

Fruit Extracts- Provide Skin Firming, prevents wrinkles and fine lines from forming

Black Sunshine

Shade Shifting Technology: Provides Instant, dark color and a great bronze  glow over time.

Botanical Extracts: Enhances Skin Rejuvenation and Complexion Balancing

Unipertan: Accelerates Natural Tanning process

Shea Butter: Reduces Wrinkles and Skin Moisturization

Black Sunshine Eclipse

-Shade Shifting Technology perfectly blends bronzers for instant color & long lasting dark tan results.

-Coconut Oil to moisturize and prevent dry skin.

-Shea Butter reduces appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates skin.

-Unipertan: accelerates body’s natural tanning properties

Black Thunder

Bronzing Beads- provide instant bronze color. Silicone Emulsion- for easy application and silky, soft feeling skin. Unipertan-accelerates melanin production for natural deep, dark tanning. Pomegranate Extract-protects against premature aging and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Ink Armour-Avocado Extract and Shea Butters enhance colors and protect.


-Flash Bronzers for Instant Dark Streak-Free Bronzing

-Mango and Cocoa Butters ideal for Moisturization and Sensitive Skin Types

-Caffeine incorporated to remove fine lines and wrinkles

-Anti-Aging fighting Tropical Oils create Youthful Glowing Appearance

Category 5

Flash Bronzer- Instant, Dark bronze color without staining

Vitamin E- Skin Rejuvenating properties and fights free radicals

Vitamin A- Anti-aging and Blemish fighting properties

Coconut oil & Aloe Vera- Extreme moisturizers for healthy, youthful appearance

Flamin’ Hot

  • 200X Tingle heat up instantly and keep reddening over long period for optimal dark tan results.
  • 200X Bronzing provides deep penetrating bronzers to give a bronze, golden appearance.
  • Tropical Butter Blend a combination of cocoa, mango, and avocado that slowly melt into skin for the best in skincare results.
  • Skin Firming and Anti-Aging to leave a youthful appearance that is vibrant, sexy, and Silky smooth.


Shade Shifting Technology-Provides Instant, dark color and a great bronze  glow over time.

Acai Fruit Extract- Anti-oxidants that make skin look and feel younger

Silicone Emulsion- moisture lock leaving skin silky and smooth

Walnut Extract and Erythrulose- leave streak and stain free golden glow that darkens over time


CTU- Continuous Tanning Utopia of bronze color that last  for days

Caffeine- Skin Firming and Tightening for more youthful appearance

Taurine- Strong Anti-oxidant to fight free radicals

Pomegranate Extract- Helps Moisturize and prevent formation of wrinkles

Fragrance: Angel

Absolute Bronzing Cocktail

Premium bronzers speed color results. Special blend of melanin activators including Protovanol and Tyrosine Enhanced with Oxysomes™ – encapsulated anti-oxidant Vitamins E& C plus our special moisture complex to help skin stay soft, supple and healthy looking even through the demands of today’s high-pressure tanning.

Absolute Dark

Oxysomes- Anti-oxidants that repair and replenish skin cells for youthful, looking appearance

Protovanol- Tanning Accelerator for darkest results

Absolute Moisture Complex- Extracts and Oils lock in moisture to prevent wrinkles and fine lines

Tyrosine- Darkens skin throughout tanning for most dramatic Tan

Absolute Heat

Super High Output- Strong Tingle Sensation for Experienced tanners who crave Heat!

Protovanol- Tanning Accelerator for darkest results

Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract-Helps prevent blemishes and revitalizes skin

Silicone Solution- Locks in Moisture for soft,silky appearance

Absolute Loaded

Momma told you to stay away from stuff like this. Stuff thats packed full of sinfully dark bronzers, exotic oils & of all things hemp! But you’ll have the last laugh, since Loaded has a shot of Accelerated Tanning Enzymes and provides antiaging benefits so you can remain beautifully youthful and tan!. Extreme Hot Action…Hemp Extracts..Bronzers & Accelerated Tanning Enzymes for Deep, Dark Color & Outrageous Benefits


Virgin Hemp Seed Oil- prevents moisture loss, that aids in premature aging

Coconut Oil- moisturizes and prevents dry skin

Tan Intensifier- for darkest bronze color

Jojoba Oil- unclogs pores for blemish free results


Walnut Extract- Provides Instant color and dark bronze results

Silicone Emulsion- Silky, Soft skin and Easy application that locks moisture into skin

Coconut Oil- Provides Maximum Skin Hydration, creating Healthy, Smooth Skin

Fragrance: Euphoria

White Lightning

Hot Tingle- Warming Sensation stimulates skin for darker tanning Results

CoQ10- Prevents Anti-Aging for Younger, Healthier Skin

BioTanning Complex- Dark bronzers  that do not streak or stain for remarkable bronze color

Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea Extract-Helps prevent blemishes and revitalizes skin

Fragrance: Electric Obsession

Fierce Behavior

-MMA Complex: Maximum Moisturizing Accelerators

-75XXX Fierce Dark Stain-Free Bronzers

-Advanced Skin Conditioners for Extreme Moisturization

-A state of the Art Elixr for a smooth fast-absorbing application

S.H.O. 6000

SHO 6000 is formulated for tanners that use Hot Action products and are ready to step up the intensity. This innovative formula contains powerful antiitch ingredients that help eliminate a common side effect of Hot Action products. Generous levels of amplifying & stimulating oils, Protovanol, Unipertan and soluble tyrosine speed your tanning rate. Rich moisturizers and Botanical Extracts hydrate and soften your skin. With SHO 6000 you will feel the heat!
Fragrance: Warm Vanilla Sugar

Black Hemp

12X Accelerator- Great base tan builder and helps prolong dark tan results.

Hemp Seed Oil- Excellent source of Moisturization and helps prevent pre-mature aging

Silicone Emulsion- provides easy application and silky, soft feel

Black Hemp Bronzer

  • Hemp Seed Oil for great skincare and age defying results
  • DHA and Natural Bronzers show instant color and darken over extended period of time
  • Silicone Emulsion for soft, silky skin that is smooth to the touch

Bronze Invasion

Infused with Shade Shifting Technology it will change your shade and wreak havoc to your paleness. It will overtake you into a darker bronze color.

Shade Shifting Technology- Instant Dark Results and deeper, bronze color in days following.

Caffeine- Complexion Balancing and Anti-Aging Properties

Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil- Extreme Moisturization and Skin Revitalizing

Coconut Beach

Shade Shifting Technology- Provides Instant, dark color and a great bronze  glow over time

Coconut Oil- Extreme moisturization that leaves skin with young, healthy appearance

Cocoa Butter- Conditions skin to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

Indian Summer

-Vanillin Accelerates Melanin production for Natural, Dark Tanning Results
-Vitamin E provides Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging
-Naturally scented no added Fragrances

Into the Darkness

Shade Shifting Techology- Instant Dark Results and deeper, bronze color in days following.

Caffeine- Complexion Balancing and Anti-Aging Properties

Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil- Extreme Moisturization and Skin Revitalizing

Island Heat

Warming Tingle- Increases blood circulation for darker tanning results

Multiple Tanning Accelerators- speed tanning process and create deep bronze color

Tahaitian Monoi Oil- Soothes and softens skin along with preventing dry cracked skin

Wild Cherry

Hot Action Tingle and Bronzer- Increased Blood Circulation for darker tan results and bronzers for long lasting color

Tyrosine- accelerates tanning process for darkest, tanned results

Nut and Seed Extracts- Natural antioxidants for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging

24 Hour Tan Extender

Tan extending blend of aloe vera gel and skin nourshing conditioners to rehydrate for younger, healthier looking skin. Fast absorption A touch of bronzer Nongreasy formula Tan extending blend

Light Clean Fragrance


Silicone Emulsion- soft, silky vibrant skin that is smooth to the touch

Coconut Oil- extreme moisturizer for healthy, young looking appearance

Jojoba Oil- unclogs pores for blemish free results

Hemp Seed Oil- locks in moisture to prevent wrinkles and fine lines

Fragrance: Floral Sensation