Tan Incorporated

Black Chocolate Secret Reserve

  • 200X Satin Black Bronzers with DHA evoke the darkest color with a unique uber-soft glow
  • Cake Batter™ Cashmere & Contouring Blend smooths, hydrates, and tones for a youthful appearance
  • Double Dark Chocolate Extracts nourish with potent antioxidants for simply beautiful skin
  • Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, No Animal Testing

Fragrance: Modern White Amber

Black Cocoa Colada

  • 200X Black Bronzers with rum extract elicit your darkest tan yet
  • Eternal Youth™ skin firming with plumping tightens & tones for a firm and fit that won’t quit
  • Cocoa & Coconut butters provide lush moisturizing for the optimal tanning base
  • DHA-Free, Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, No Animal Testing

Fragrance: Coconut Cocoa Colada

Black Passion Crystal

  • All-new Amethyst Bronzers with light DHA utilize violet hues to counteract orange tones for more captivating color
  • Rose Hip Oil is the must-have ingredient right now, for flawless looking skin & tanning base
  • Champagne Antioxidants & Max Silicones give skin an uncanny radiance & softness
  • Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, No Animal Testing

Fragrance: Spring Bloom Floral & Citrus Blend

Coconut Cabana

  • 200X Island Black Bronzers evoke a caribbean “cabana color” you’ve been searching for
  • Coconut Milk & Contouring drenches skin in moisture & firming for a more visibly toned appearance
  • Island extracts monoi de tahiti, awaphui, and sea minerals help nourish for a healthy looking glow

Fragrance: Passionate Coconut Secret  

Iced Out

  • 200X Black Bronzers are the darkest in tanning, accept no substitutes
  • Dark Glowtion with Champagne Glisten kisses skin with a subtle micro shimmer
  • Real diamond powder gives your tan a mesmerizing sheen worthy of envy

Fragrance: Sugared Mango & Monoi Blossom

Tanijuana Black

  • 200XXX Color-Evolve Bronzers continue to darken with a pinch of DHA
  • Max Hemp Seed Oil (THC-free) gives your tan some of the world’s greatest hydration
  • Your ink pops with great color thanks to a Tattoo Enhancing Complex

Fragrance: Sweet Leaf & Pear

Island Black

• Plateau-busting 200X Bronzers bring your bronze to the next level.

• ColorEvolve kiss-of-DHA serum continues to build to your darkest tan yet.

• Activated Charcoal gives your color that coveted “island glow.”

Eternal Youth

• Cordyseps Sinensis Mushroom extract provides wonderful  moisturizing & skin-firming benefits.

• Energy Antioxidants Complex blesses skin with a reborn feeling & radiance.

• Extra levels of skin-firming ingredients tighten & tone.

Sun Buzz

• 100XXX EverBlack™ Anti-Fade Bronzers provide epic ultra-dark results.
• A wicked hot tingle rush gets your buzz going!
• Advanced skin conditioning ingredients improve the appearance & feel of your skin.
DHA-Free, Paraben-Free

SCENT: Orange Zest Vanilla

Aloha Black

• Advanced 200X Black Bronzers for ultra dark color
• EverBlack™ Anti-Fade Tech ensures a long lasting bronze
• Monoi de Tahiti & Coconut Butters condition, hydrate, and love your skin
• Max Silicones provide a super-touchable softness

Beach Black

Achieve a sexy beach bunny tan that looks like you just came off a warm & sandy island. This dark bronzer enrolls TAU’s 99 Credit Bronzing to give your beach body a long-lasting wave of bronze. An exclusive aquatanical exotic ocean extract complex combined with a maximum silicone emulsion infuses skin with a potent array of skin conditioning to allow your color reach new depths.

Beach Bunny Black

• 88 Black Bronzing 4 a true beach bunny bronze.

• Everblack™ complex gives your golden waves of color the deepest lasting color.

• Ocean Minerals, Argan, and Beeswax condition skin for truly epic beach selfies. (hey, when you got it, flaunt it)

Paraben-Free, DHA-Free

Fragrance: Tropical Fruit Oasis

Beach Kings

• 100X Royal Black Bronzers for perfect, dark results.
• Advanced skin conditioning in a coconut milk base, because your skin needs it.
• Tattoo Enhancing Complex, so your ink looks fresh and bright.
DHA-Free, Paraben-Free

Black Chocolate

• Advanced 200X Black Bronzers are carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet.
• Double dark chocolate extract nourishes skin with potent anti-oxidants.
• An ultra-rich butter & silicone blend melts into skin for a supple & beautiful glow.
• Max Silicones for magically soft feel and application.
DHA-Free, Paraben-Free

Black Chocolate Coconut Cream

• 200X Black Bronzers are artisan crafted for your darkest tan yet.

• Double Dark Chocolate & Argan extracts nourish your tan with potent antioxidants.

• Triple Coconut Cocktail & Max Silicones melt into skin for an astonishing softness and glow.

Paraben-Free, DHA-Free

Fragrance: Cayman Coconut Milk & Pomegrante

Black Chocolate Fudge Brownie

• 200X Black Bronzers carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet.

• Double Dark Chocolate & “Queen Bee” Royal Honey bathe skin in a gorgeous glow.​

• Lush silicone emulsion melts into skin for a heavenly soft feel.

SCENT: Kiwi Coconut Berry Blossom

Black Chocolate Glisten

• 200X Black Bronzers artisan crafted for your darkest tan yet.​

• Double Dark Chocolate & Champagne Nano-Shimmer give skin an intoxicatingly dark glow & subtle glisten.

• Lush silicone emulsion melts into skin for alluringly soft skin.​

SCENT: Paradise Pineapple Smoothie

Black Chocolate Princess

• 200X Black Bronzers carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet.

• Double Dark Chocolate & “Queen Bee” Royal Honey bathe skin in a gorgeous glow.

• Lush silicone emulsion melts into skin for a heavenly soft feel.

SCENT: Kiwi Coconut Berry Blossom

Black Honey

• Advanced 200X Black Bronzers are carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet
• Body Nectar™ Anti-Fade for long lasting color
• Royal Black Honey™ ultra firming & toning for a vision of youth
• Max Silicone super-soft emulsion

Black Mocha

• 200X Black Bronzers are carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet.

• Double Dark Chocolate & Coffeeberry extracts nourish skin with potent antioxidants.

• Exquisite Marula, Argan, and Max Silicones melt into skin for an astonishing softness and glow.

Paraben-Free, DHA-Free

Fragrance: Black Amber Crystal


• Ultra Advanced Instant 200X Black Bronzer is perfection in the purity of color
• An Argan & Coconut Butter Blend firms & tones for a breathtaking body
• Body ink is embellished with tattoo enhancing technology

Embellish in Black

• Advanced 200X Black Bronzer
• Exotic Argan and Marula oil infusion
• Heavenly Hydration Complex drenches skin in essential moisture
• Vitamin E, light DHA and Erythulose
• Upgraded Tanning Bed Complex
• Paraben Free

Fit Girl

• 100X Depth & Define Bronzing highlights your best assets.

• Aquatannical Mineral & Energy complex nourishes and helps skin vitality.​

• Organic Coconut & Shea Butter bathe skin in lush hydration. 

Natural White Tea, Blueberry, Lotus Petal provide fantastic antioxidants. 

SCENT: Awapuhi Mandarin Mango

Golden Brown Sugar

• An advanced Step 2 recipe combines an exclusive blend of ultra dark tanning ingredients for optimum color.

• Decadent body butters condition skin for softness and an attractive glow.

• Argan Oil of Morocco provides fantastic anti-aging & antioxidant properties.

Paraben-Free, DHA-Free

Fragrance: Golden Orange Creme

Iced Black Chocolate

• Advanced 200X Black Bronzers
• Double dark chocolate extracts nourish your skin
• A new icy tingle wrapped in a max silicone emulsion invigorating your senses, leaving you wanting more
• Tattoo enhancing complex
• Upgraded Tanning Bed Complex
• Paraben Free

Live 4 the Beach

• 200X Island Black Bronzer for a paradise worthy tan

• Lush amounts of Coconut, Kukui, Monoi, and Awaphui are the secret to a Tropic Color Cocktail for a beautiful beach glow

• A “bikini-ready” double tightening & toning complex with max silicones lets you feel free to bare it all.

SCENT: Hawaiian Berries & Cake


• 200X Island Black Bronzing evokes paradise-level dark color.

• Marula Goddess Glow Serum utilizes high levels of Marula Oil for incredible skin.

• An island extracts & max silicone cocktail conditions skin for a lasting softness and glow.

Paraben-Free, DHA-Free

Fragrance: Awapuhi Peach Smoothie

Midnight Black

• 100X bronzers enchant your body with the deepest, darkest, bronze glow possible.
• EverdarkTM Anti-Fade Technology uses a BiotanTM & Erythrulose complex to ensure longer lasting color.
• Max silicones and tan enriching vitamins further enhance the feel and look of your skin.

Midnight Express

• 200X Black Bronzers provide midnight-black ultra dark tans

• Crushed pearl glowtion formula gives your bronze an extra alluring radiance​

• Double Erythrulose & Biotanning infusion ensures results “black as midnight”

SCENT: Vanilla Amber Crush

Midnight Gold

• Advanced 200X! Black Bronzing creates an epic darkness
• Dramatic tightening & toning complexes beckon a youthful-looking vibrancy
• Tattoo Enhancing Technology accentuates your ink’s color
• Max Silicones provide a super-touchable softness

Brown Sugar Original Dark

Formula 5 Tan Incorporated’s exclusive heat formula with a balanced blend of bronzers, for the beginner to the advanced tanner who wants our lowest level of Hot Tingle (level 1). With CoQ10 complex, 45 bronzers, and Biotan Complex. (DHA free)

Rush Hour Black

• 200X Rush Bronzers take your tan beyond your deepest bronze

• ColorEvolve touch of DHA continues developing into even darker, breathtaking color

• Energy & Toning complex invigorates skin for an attractive radiance

SCENT: Electric Passion Cocktail

Southern Princess

• Advanced 200X Black Bronzers bless skin with your darkest bronze ever.
• ColorQueen™ Anti-fade complex keeps your golden tan, longer & deeper.
• Sun-conscious Body Butter serum rejuvenates the feel & appearance of skin, removing fine lines & wrinkles for baby-smooth skin.
• Max Silicones for magically soft feel and application.
DHA-Free, Paraben-Free

Brown Sugar Special Dark

Enhanced with Tan Incorporated’s exclusive bronzing complex, Brown Sugar Special, With CoQ10 complex, Biotan Complex, and now with 45 bronzers. (DHA free). “New” Special Brown Sugar is the perfect choice of either the beginner or secondary tanner.

Spicy Black Chocolate

• Advanced 200X Black Bronzers are carefully crafted for your darkest tan yet
• Double dark chocolate extract nourishes skin with potent antioxidants
• A vivid spicy tingle invigorates the senses, beckoning for more

Summer Girl

• Blissfully dark tanning extracts provide a season’s worth of perfect, golden color for a bronze beach body.
• Sexy-All-Summer anti-fade technology uses a BiotanTM & Erythrulose complex to ensure longer lasting color.
• CoQ10 and tan enriching vitamins promote a beautiful glow and silky smooth skin.


• Advanced 100XXX bronzing provides deeper longer color for the most discerning of tanners.
• Highest concentration of (THC-free) Virgin Hemp Seed Oil for finest moisturizing available in a tanning lotion.
• Max silicone emulsion for uncanny softness and heavenly application.
DHA-Free, Paraben-Free

Way Past Dark

•200X bronzers shatter your tanning plateau for your darkest color yet.​

• A ColorEvolve system with a touch of DHA continues developing your tan into even darker, breathtaking color.

• Max silicone emulsion makes skin oh-so-touchable.

White Chocolate Moisturizer

• Double Dark Chocolate Extract nourishes skin with nutrients & antioxidants
• Argan Oil of Morocco & nourishes with Vitamin E & essential Omega Acids
• Coconut butter provides lush levels of hydration
• Lush anti-aging skin firming & toning complexes rejuvenate the appearance of skin
• Tan extending ingredients cultivate the length & breadth of your color

Black Chocolate Triple Black Sunless Mist 200X

Receive salon quality results with this instant sunless bronzer. Our lightweight formula comes complete with Black Bronzers for a rich summertime tan. Get those hard to reach spots  with our 360° range at any angle: upside down or even sideways for a streak-free, natural looking tan.

Black Chocolate Select Sunless Mist

An exotic island glow in a bottle.  This instant sunless spray utilizes violet bronzers for the sought-after golden Island glow. Apply easily with a lightweight mist, allowing you to create a flawless, high-quality tan.

Black Sensation

• 100X Black Bronzers with Color-Evolve give skin ultra dark bronzing results that continue to deepen and last.
• Vivid sensation tingle gives your senses a rush, and skin a red blush.
• Fire Tulip Extract is the latest in skin soothing technology, calming your skin’s surface for a fresh glow.

Black Sugar Secret Reserve Elite 99

  • Color-Evolve Tanning Serum  provides a depth of color exhibiting a dazzling contrast of deep darks & gleaming highlights.
  • 99 Elite Spectrum Enhancing Bronzers emit a whole new level of DARK.
  • Holy Herb, Balm Mint & Sugar Cane extracts indulge skin with unsurpassed skin conditioning.

Black Grease

This is normally where all the superlatives go, however, lets cut to the chase. See that ingredients section below? Read that. You’ll see things like Hemp, Erythrulose, Ubiquinone, Argan, Coffee & Cocoa extracts, and that’s just the start. What you won’t find is a 5 cent piece of jewelry to add a little “class”. This lotion is as dark & potent as you want it to be, because it’s about creating hardcore tanning products in small craft batches designed for tanners by tanners. We formulate, create,fill, label, test, tan-sleep-breathe this stuff in-house. It’s what we would spend our hard earned dole on, so why wouldn’t you?

4.0 Black

• 100X Fruit Base Bronzing gives your tan ultra-dark results with important nourishment for frequent tanners.
• Dark Tanning Minerals replenish vitamins to skin, allowing deeper & darker color.
• Max silicone emulsion provides wonderfully soft skin & application.
DHA-Free, Paraben-Free


Skin Spanking Tingle Tanning Lotion. 18 Credit Bronzing Majoring in Ultra Soft Silicones. This 18 credit bronzer is reserved for those desiring high level tanning.

Island Princess

New Elite 88 Bronzers For 2010! Maui or Manhattan, acheive an exotic island bronze worthy of worship. Brown Sugar’s new Elite 88 Bronzing Erythicone emulsion blended with rare island extracts including Monoi, Argan & Acai combine to evoke a shade of dark and softness like no other. Lush silicones seemingly melt into the skin, illuminating an evocative darkness worthy of the tanning royalty you are.

Campus Haughty

Whoa! This is the color you want! There’s Brown and then there’s BROWN. This 20 bronzer lotion will get you that shade of dark that you’ve been searching for and an extra pinch for good measure. With Brown Sugar’s signature bronzers, Biotanning, and silicone, you’re sure to be doing doubletakes in the mirror all day thinking That’s BROWN!

Fragrance: Tahitian Palm Milk and Pomegranate with Herbs

Dark Princess Royal Reserve

• Limited edition Royal Reserve 88X Elite Bronzers bestow your skin with a distinctively alluring darkness.
• A lavish emulsion of 5 different silicones Melt into skin with an unparalleled softness.
• Argan & Macadamia extracts offer opulent skin conditioning for gorgeous radiance & lasting color.

100 Proof

  • Ultra-dark 100x Bronzers work to create an intoxicating bronze color.
  • Silcone infusion creates intense softness.
  • Macadamia & Argan essence improves skin tone.
  • Tequilana Leaf & Fruit Cocktail conditions your skin for extended tanning.

Fashion Queen

• 100X EverBlack™ Anti-Fade Bronzers bless skin with longer & deeper color.
• Coconut Milk & Shea Butter Mélange conditions & bathes skin in moisture chosen for its beautiful radiance.
• Age-defying formula reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles for youthful-looking skin while Max Silicones provide an uncanny softness.
DHA-Free, Paraben-Free


Embellish is Brown Sugar’s new 88 Elite Erythicone emulsion, blending a breathtaking amount of bronzers with maximum silicones for a lush application that seemingly melts into your skin. Incredibly potent antioxidants from Blueberry & Dark Chocolate extracts fight free radicals, stabilizing the collagen matrix for magnificent skin.

Dark Enchantment

Release yourself to an enchantingly dark & exciting tanning experience. Spellbinding shades of bronze blended with an entrancing hot tingle beguile the senses, evoking a state of pure tanning bliss. This beautiful spell is no illusion though, as an age-defying complex beckons a youthful, healthy looking vibrancy of years past. Mystically dark 88 Elite bronzing evokes your darkest color possible. Eternal Youth Toning Technology reverses the clock and reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while promoting skin cell renewal. Lush moisturizing and potent natural extracts condition skin for an intensely soft look and feel.

Diamond Princess

  • Advanced 100X Biobronzer deepens over hours for an ultra dark tan
  • Argan Oil and Coconut Butter condition skin for silky soft gorgeousness
  • Real Diamond Dust for a subtle yet fancy finish